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Hey Everyone!

My name is Theresa Cetnar and I first got the idea for LIVE LOVE LIGHTS while attending a friend’s wedding, with my then fiancé Kyle, in the Dominican Republic in 2016. Our friend Gladys had added similar giant 3ft tall - 5ft wide - LOVE lights to her dance floor and it really added a certain wow factor for her guests! Not only did her pictures come out amazing, but it truly added something special to her wedding space.

Fast forward almost 2 years later to our wedding to take place here in Saratoga, doing the research, absolutely nothing was offered or even remotely similar to rent. Google searches on any comparable giant lights to what our friend had found only a market in the United Kingdom and mainly across other parts of Europe. The bride’s photos were gorgeous! I just knew I had to have them somehow for my own wedding!
Marrying my now husband Kyle, (, with his entrepreneurial spirit and loving support, we made my vision come true. After placing the purchase order from the UK, it literally took months of us back and forth coordinating and planning with United States customs, dozens of calls to government agencies for proper clearance, and several trips to the US port in NY/NJ for release and pick-up - We finally had them!

For our wedding in November 2017, we chose to have the giant LOVE light be the center of our ceremony space while the JUST MARRIED lit up the dance for our first dance in the grand ballroom. Simply put, I cherish our pictures and what the lights added to our wedding. When the guests arrived, even me, into our ceremony space for the first time, or entered the grand ballroom, there was undoubtedly just a wow factor! We received many complements on our personal touches, but most attendees raved about the lights!

With our wedding in the past and looking to the future, I hope to share my experience and feelings with other brides who are looking to add a special touch to their wedding… and especially their wedding album. Since our special day, we’ve further added an entire 3ft letter alphabet to make couple’s initials and an 8ft giant heart arch perfect for the absolute front and center of a ceremony space or to surely highlight the bride and groom’s seating arrangement in the ballroom. All words and letters can undoubted jazz up a cocktail hour space or be the center of other events such as anniversaries, birthday parties or baby showers!

Hope to Light up your next event!


Engagement session photo and Wedding photos courtesy of Lorraine Toth with Dollface Studios!

Visit to see her amazing work!